The Vintage Summer Lookbook 2019

Summer is on its way! Of course, being a typical English springtime, we’ve already had a handful of sunny days and what seems like many more rainy, cold, windy days! Who knows what to wear?!
I am always dressing in what I want to wear, rather than dressing for the weather. Typically, I always end up cold, but at least I look/feel good doing it…

In this vintage summer lookbook, I thought I would share with you a few outfits that I know I will be wearing all summer long, whatever the weather. If you are curious as to my general vintage style, make sure to check out my Instagram!


Gingham print is a trend that is everlasting in the vintage community, thanks to Dorothy from Oz. This is one of my favourite Collectif skirts; I think I wore this on a weekly basis last year and I suspect I’ll wear it just as much this summer!

Vintage Summer Lookbook - Gingham
Top – New Look
Skirt – Collectif Clothing

This bardot top is a recent purchase of mine, from the high street of all places! Saying that, I have been spotting a few vintage inspired pieces in popular shops. This linen top goes perfectly with skirts, as well as shorts and capris (like the ones featured later in this post!). Modern pieces can be versatile to work for many styles, I hope to write about this on Anchors & Swallows soon.

This skirt is an older design and so not available to purchase anymore (mine came from eBay). I have spotted plenty of gingham prints from various vintage reproduction brands, including Collectif Clothing. Look out for gingham capris, skirts and dresses! Instant retro feels.

Vintage Summer Lookbook - Gingham by the lake

Summer Capris

I saw these capris in my local retro shop, when the new SS19 items began to appear. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I fell in love with the tartan Hell Bunny capris in 2018 – they are so comfortable (stretchy) and flattering on my hips.

Vintage Summer Lookbook - Capris
Top – New Look
Capris – Hell Bunny

They are also very easy to wear and create an effortless vintage style. So when I saw this gorgeous green shade, it had to be a part of my summer wardrobe! In fact, I think I bought the bardot top the same day, knowing how well they would pair together. Pumps are a good option with this combo, as well as heels or wedges.


After the green, I just had to buy the blue! If the name hasn’t given it away yet, I love anything nautical – you can thank my Dad for that. It’s one of the reasons I got into the vintage style. Ross and I spent our wedding anniversary taking photos at a local beach and nature reserve. I of course took the opportunity to dress for the occasion!

Vintage Summer Lookbook - Nautical Capris
Top – Collectif Clothing
Capris and belt – Hell Bunny


Dresses are such an easy option for summer, here is just an example. I bought this in the Collectif sale last year; I adore the neckline and collar. It’s a great summer dress, but also perfect for occasion wear.

Vintage Summer Lookbook - Floral dress
Dress – Collectif Clothing
Cardigan & Shoes – New Look

I hope my vintage summer lookbook has given you some inspiration for your own summer looks! Which one was your favourite? What will you be wearing this summer?

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