Collectif Sale Spending!

For the last couple of months, I have been counting down to one of my favourite times of the year… the big Collectif Clothing sale! Every year, big savings are to be had. I patiently waited until pay day to even take a glimpse of what was on offer. My first visit to the website after the sale began, started with me going through every single item and adding whatever I fancied to the basket (just for fun/to see how much it would cost!) The basket came to about £250, without the special 50% discount on top… But that was sadly too much for me (I knew it would be!). So I wittled the 10 or so items I had added to the basket, down to 3; one of which was a black nylon hair scarf, which I am so pleased they are now selling – I assume it was quite recent because when I last was searching for some, I bought them from the USA! I even wrote a post about that here.
So, I decided to share with you the items I had so carefully chosen, and luckily are still in stock as I am writing!

I will save my favourite until last, so first of all is the Penny top.
I have had my eye on this style for a while; something about it makes the 1950’s rockabilly in me beam! It reminds me of the film Grease, when Sandra Dee wears her leather outfit in the end and sings ‘You’re The One That I Want’. The shape is so interesting and the sweetheart neck line is very flattering!


I was a little concerned the halter neck strap would be a little tight around the neck, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought and you almost didn’t notice it after a while. The top is fitted and cropped to sit on the waistline, so it is perfect with high waisted garments. Here I am wearing with a Hell Bunny black swing skirt (spot the white cat hair – I can’t avoid it!), but I would also wear this with high waisted jeans for a casual look. I would even wear it with a pencil skirt, but that is a rarity for me!
I had a little trouble getting the sweetheart neckline to sit nicely – perhaps it needs a wash or an iron to flatten out, but after a bit of fiddling, it seemed to behave for these photos.
Note: I apologise for the lack of scenery in my photos – I like to go somewhere a bit more exciting than my back garden, but I was limited for time this week!

Collectif Penny Top


The Penny top is sadly not in the sale, at the time of purchasing Collectif had a discount code which I made good use of. The top is in stock in various sizes at a price of £29.50.

The second and my favourite item (for obvious reasons if you know me) is the Jessie Kitty Cat Cardigan. This particular cardigan was created in collaboration with Modcloth, a US online vintage inspired store – all the items made in that collection are stunning! But with my limited funds, I just had to purchase this, as I am THE crazy cat lady.

CollectifXModcloth Jessie Kitty Cardigan

Collectif already had this design in ‘mint’ which I can no longer find online, but they also have a mint ‘poodle’ skirt with the same print on. I’m not a poodle skirt kind of girl and mint isn’t a colour I would normally wear, so this pink number definitely had my name on it.
This cardigan is in a blush pink shade, with 3/4 length sleeves and at a cropped length – again, perfect for high waisted items to be paired with! I bought this in a UK12, as I am a 10-12 and this cardigan is described on the website as running true to size, but it is a little snug on me, as you can probably tell from the photos. I would have sized up in I had known, although I find knitwear can be a little on the small size anyway. Saying that, my older Collectif cardigans are a size 10 and still fit me well! This kitty cardigan doesn’t have much stretch or give, so I advise to bear that in mind, but I can still wear it and hopefully it will give a little with a careful wash and some wear.
I absolutely love the colour, and of course the design is so cute!


Jessie Kitty Cardigan

There are a few sizes left on the website and it is currently priced at £43.00.

If you cannot find an item in your size, or something that is out of stock, I would suggest to check the stockists online, such as Top Vintage, or other vintage online retailers to see if they have got what you are looking for! This has helped me find some amazing items, even the Collectif Janie Cactus Dress!

Have you been spending in the Collectif Clothing sale too? If so, what have you bought?! I’d love to know! If not, what is on your wish list?

4 Replies to “Collectif Sale Spending!”

  1. I had the Caterina Linen dress in green and the linen dolores dress in the baby blue polka dot. I also bought the Olive green stripe skirt that I’ve had my eye in since this time last year. They released it at an odd time so grateful it was still there
    Loving these item on you xx

  2. It’s been incredibly hard, but I actually managed to resist buying anything new this season, their sales are always so good though so it’s been tough! I love that cardigan, so sweet!

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