Sunday… the good hair day!

Don’t you just love a good hair and make up day? When I sit down to do my hair (especially with vintage styles), I never quite know if the look I have in my head will translate onto my head or not. Lucky for me, Sunday was a good hair day!

I had family travelling down to visit on Sunday, who have told me how much they enjoy my blog, so I thought it would be a good excuse to do something vintage, although I wasn’t sure what. I didn’t want to go full victory rolls and petticoats, so I decided to wear my Collectif Monroe jeans and a Collectif polo top – definitely a casual look. I was short on time and only had an hour or so to do my hair and make up. I decided I would do a very quick set; by that I mean not pin all of my hair! I didn’t document the process as I wasn’t intending to write about the subject, but I was obviously pleased with the results!

A few of days ago, Miss Bee Townsend had posted a Rita Hayworth style hair tutorial (plus teasing guide) on her YouTube channel, which I really enjoyed watching and gave me some inspiration.
So, I began by curling and pinning the top sections of my hair, using my 3/4 inch curling iron and spritzing with the Suavecita grooming spray (see here for example of curling pattern). I did this for the tops and side sections of my hair, leaving the back section to be curled and not pinned (as I have so much hair!). Again, spritzed the back section with the grooming spray to help hold the curls. I am lucky in that my hair is thick and naturally curly/wavy, so it will hold a more structured curl! Once everything was set and cooled, I brushed out the unpinned layer carefully and backcombed this with my denman brush to create a little more fluffiness and volume (as demonstrated in Bee’s video!).
I could then focus on the pinned sections of hair – I unpinned them and brushed through the curls with my fingers to separate them, then I gently brushed this layer with the brush. I made the swoop in the front section by teasing the hair, smoothing with pomade and clipping the hair with a duckbill/sectioning clip to keep the volume in place and spraying with hair spray. I added more duck bill clips where my hair naturally dented to create more defined waves and again, spritzed with lots of hairspray! Once the spray had dried in, I removed the clips and voila!


Later in the evening, I thought I would have another go at a Gibson roll. I had been thinking about different tehniques I could use to improve on my first attempt and so I thought I would simply try rolling my hair in sections around my fingers, as you would a victory or barrel roll. I fastened with long bobby pins in the centre of the rolls and some smaller ones in places as required, then decorated with some hair flowers. Then, LOTS of hairspray!
It may not be the straightest roll in the world, but it is a vast improvement on my previous try!


Because of the waves I had created in the morning, the hairstyle had more of a 1920’s look, which I really liked! It was a quick style to do, which if anyone who has read this blog knows, is what I look for!

It was certainly a good hair day in my books and gave me an opportunity to give you a hair update from my previous post!


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