Why, hello there!

If you have stumbled upon this shiny new blog, then welcome!

My name is Laura and a lover of all things vintage. But while there are many incredible pin up bloggers with perfectly rolled hair and beautiful dresses… I am still quite a novice, considering I have been building my retro wardrobe for 5+ years!
My idea behind this blog is to help myself become more confident as a vintage gal and perhaps help a few readers along the way!

I may be able to curl my hair, put a wing and some red lipstick on, but as I say, I am by far a pro at this pin up malarkey but hopefully we can grow as pin ups togeIMG_6124ther!

I plan to write weekly about various beginner hints and tips, based on my own experiences. As I have been planning this blog today, I decided to try a new curling pattern on my hair I had seen on good old YouTube and as it turns out, today was a good hair and make up day!

Anyway, if you are a beginner or in the early days of transforming into a vintage dame, and have any questions for me then comment below and say hi!


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