My Cruelty Free Make Up Routine

It has been well over a year since I shared with you my make up routine – a lot of things have changed! Using cruelty free has become the most important choice of the products I use in any part of my life now. This is due to my career as a veterinary nurse and also for the fact that in this day and age it just isn’t necessary to test cosmetics of all things, on animals. So, after a year of research and trying new and different products, I can share with you the products in my day to day make up routine.

I understand that everyone accepts different ‘degree’s of cruelty free, depending on parent companies and so on. But these are the products I am comfortable in using and enjoying currently. If you are unsure about any brand or product, check out Cruelty Free Kitty – it is very helpful!

Make up is a creative escape for me. As I don’t wear make up for work, it makes the one day a week of wearing it even more special.

Let me know any cruelty free make up recommendations in the comments below!

Disclaimer: this post and video is not sponsored and all products mentioned are purchased by myself. I can promise you all the opinions provided are honest and my own.

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