Trying out Magnetic Lashes?! [Silly George Review]

I love lashes, but I just don’t wear them enough! This is because of fiddling with glue, trimming and just general faff. After a few years of wearing false eyelashes on occasion, I saw the advert for Silly George magnetic lashes… but I was sceptical. Is it really that easy? A bit of a learning curve?

So, I thought it was best to share my experience with you with another video, as I try out the Silly George style ‘Dailies’ for the first time.

The video is a bit slow to start (in my opinion – it was a rainy, gloomy day, I wasn’t feeling it), but I recommend you watch the whole video – it was… an experience…

I have worn these magnetic lashes a few times since this video and I do enjoy how they look and continue to wear them – but I think I stand by my final thoughts!

Silly George magnetic lashes in the style 'Dailies'

Have you tried magnetic lashes? What do you think?

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