A Vintage Photoshoot [with Cherry Dollface & Claire Seville]

Late last year, my favourite Youtuber/pinup model Cherry Dollface announced her final ever UK tour. I had nearly booked when she last visited the UK but I was planning to go by myself and then decided against it. This time, I knew this was something not to be missed and booked a spot on her photoshoot date as soon as I could!

My friend Jess and I travelled down to London for the afternoon, both a little nervous but very excited. The photoshoot was a first for both of us and I was a little mind-blown that I would actually meet Cherry – I’ve been watching her videos for over 9 years, she really helped me get into rockabilly and vintage.

Cherry Dollface and I

We arrived at a property in Kensington and met Claire Seville, the incredible photographer of the shoot, and of course, Cherry. We had the most relaxing and fun afternoon, chatting with Claire while Cherry did our hair and make-up. I’m sure my hair will never look this good again, but I will endeavour to recreate it!
I think from watching Cherry Dollface for so long, I wasn’t particularly ‘star struck’, it was more like chatting with a friend! She was so lovely and down to earth.

Shooting with Claire was the best experience I could have hoped for.
As it was my first proper shoot, I bought a new dress for the occasion; this nautical style from Glamour Bunny. We decided to do a boudoir underwear shoot, so I made sure to wear my What Katie Did set. The only photoshoots I ever do are with my husband for Anchors & Swallows, so this was completely new to me. I wasn’t too worried about shooting in my underwear, but Claire put me even more at ease. As well as being so friendly, she was very professional and can take an amazing photo!

If you want to see the other images from this shoot, make sure to head over to my Instagram, where I will be sharing them all at some point!
I had such a great time with Claire and Cherry, I’m so glad I took this opportunity. Although Cherry is now focusing on her career closer to home, I would definitely like to shoot with Claire Seville again! If anyone gets the chance to work with her, I do recommend.

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