Brown Smokey Eye tutorial [Video]

I have had a few requests from my previous tutorial, to do a make up tutorial on YouTube, so here it is!
I had actually recorded this at the beginning of August, but with everything going on, I have finally find the time to edit and upload it. This is my go-to make up look at the moment. I had posted this eyeshadow look a few times on my Instagram and I have had a lot of positive feedback and some requests to do some sort of tutorial. While I could well write all about it, it was much easier for me to film it! I don’t mind talking to a camera, but editing it afterwards is a pain… I have watched myself on video way too much recently!
So first of all, I apologise for my ticking clock, my squeaky voice (why do I film when I’m tired?!) and also for the fact that if you take a shot for every time I say how annoyed I am with my cat… you will get pretty wasted, I’m sure! It’s also fairly long, but it ‘s quite in depth.

I have developed my make up techniques from various Youtubers and have taught myself over the years, so I certainly do not claim to be a make up artist, but this is how I do it and it works for me!

I also talk about cruelty free products in my video; this is something that I am working on with my make up products with the help of – I recommend checking this website out if you have any questions and for a full list of cruelty free brands.

Let me know what you think! I have a couple more video ideas for the future so watch this space and if there is anything you want to see me do, please let me know! I hope you enjoy!

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